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Make 3:2 aspect ratio screens standard across ThinkPad line

Many of the new 2018 ThinkPads still use the media-focused 16:9 aspect ratio panels. Given that ThinkPad users are predominantly professional users, it would make sense to opt for smaller aspect ratio (16:10, 3:2, 4:3) screens.  



- we get to see more of our document when typing 

- on Yoga models, using the device in portrait mode would be less awkward

- more screen area. My X1Y3 has pretty sizeable upper and lower bezels, please fill most of that unused space with screen


The 2018 X1 Tablet already features a 3:2 screen, please extend this to all other models in the ThinkPad line. 

Paper Tape
I bought a T480 earlier this year, my third ThinkPad, expecting it to be a workhorse for years to come like my T410 before it. I absolutely hate the machine. The screen being the primary reason followed by the keyboard layout. The 16:9 screen is useless for coding or other "real" work. I wouldn't think the typical ThinkPad user cares about watching movies on their laptop--I certainly don't. It will be my last ThinkPad after this experience. My fault for not doing my homework and assuming I could always rely on ThinkPads to deliver reliability and productivity. (I guess the reliability remains to be seen but at this point I won't be sad if it dies so I can justify getting something better).
Alas, still no 3:2 or 16:10 on the 2019 X1 Yoga Smiley Sad
What's DOS?

It would make a lot of sense to make it as 3:2 since Thinkpad is mainly used by proffesionals to work rather than watching youtube!

What's DOS?

Apparently, they where thinking about it. Who knows why it didn't happen... But I guess that all hope isn't lost.

Serial Port
The 16:9 form factor is not useful in tablet mode. 3:2 would be. It would offer a much better tablet experience.