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What happened to the eraser tips?

Been using an X220T/X230T series since 2013. Made the upgrade to the ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (X1Y3) as of late 2018. I miss the low latency and accuracy (by comparison) of the X230T pen and its low serviceablility (no batteries required), but more than that I miss being able to use the eraser tip.


Writing felt more natural on the X230T than on the X1Y3, just from being able to flip the pen and remove mistakes quickly, then flip back and resume writing (pairs really well with writing applications, no artistic capability so unable to weigh in on that aspect). The bigger screen size and resolution on the X1Y3 makes text easier to read when note taking side-by-side in a split window, but more tedious to write with.


I've searched high and low on multiple websites and forums, but I can't find a pen/digitizer compatible with this laptop that has an eraser tip. Microsoft's Surface Pro line of products has this with their pens, why did Wacom/Lenovo ditch the eraser tip?

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