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X1 Folding Screen and Keyboard

Curious about how the folding screen set-up with the X1 is working. The biggest problem with the folder right now is that the keyboard, something we've come to rely on and to trust from Think-branded products, is external and just adds weight when used on full-size mode. Is there going to be a way to dock a 9-10 inch Thinkpad Bluetooth keyboard to the future X1 Foldable? I.e, the keyboard would be attached, magnetically or physically, to the X1 Foldable, and be able to charge, wirelessly or through connection, from the main unit?


Another question is whether the X1 folders are going to be extended beyond the 13.3 inch model. I did some math, and you could get a roughly 24 inch screen off a 17-inch footprint as on the P70 series. I am currently using an HP Omen 17 (I am also an X1 Tablet owner) for the extended screen estate. Doing a 24 inch screen off the 17-inch footprint, comedically, is basically equivalent to having a portable small iMac for personal use, but in theory it's doable should one wish to put up with the weight.

Of course, all of this is contingent on how well the Thinkpad X1 fares on the market. If the Thinkpad X1 sells well, there might be a market for such devices. Then we have to consider things like foldable phones (10 inch form factor in 7 inch phablet) as well as portable IdeaCentres.