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Touchscreen OFF option to save battery life?

Status: New
by Kaizerin on ‎07-18-2017 10:54 PM

A dedicated X1 Yoga option to turn off touchscreen when not used to save more battery life would help a lot. 

Ambidextrous Power Ports

Status: New
by Community Moderator ‎07-15-2017 03:06 PM - edited ‎07-18-2017 09:39 PM

I have a Gen 1 X1 Yoga that I use as my primary laptop.  It's often used tied to AC power.  The power port is on the left.  In my usual location it would be more convenient to have the power port on the right side of the laptop.


Looking at the (English) User Guide - ThinkPad X1 Yoga (Type 20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20JG) 


X1 Yoga Gen 2 USB-C Power Ports.PNG

"...The two USB-C connectors also work as power connectors. The ac power adapter shipped with your computer is a USB-C power adapter. Use the shipped power adapter and power cord to connect the computer to ac power through either of the two USB-C connectors..."


I see that the Gen 2 X1 Yoga has a pair of USB-C ports that can be used for charging the laptop - but they are both on the same side.


How about putting one on each side?  It would be a nice convenience and add some flexibility when tied to AC power.


[edit to add] And USB-C/TB data ports on each side would be an added benefit.



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Wacom-style pen-input TOUCHPAD

Status: New
by Kaizerin on ‎07-18-2017 10:46 PM - last edited on ‎07-19-2017 10:58 AM by Administrator

Personally torn between the pen-input of the beautiful OLED of X1 Yoga vs the Non-touch Matte screen of the X1 Carbon 5th gen, I propose a pressure sensitive pen capability on the sizeable touchpad.


Thinkpad being a professional product known for the handy trackpoint among other things, I personally don't utilise the touchpad 97% of the time. Instead of leaving it a waste of space and making the whole footprint of the device larger(my opinion, I'm aware of the need for multitouch&zooms for autocad+engineering+medical+art professionals), it can be put into good use by giving it that feature.


The glare of the screen gets in the way of productivity and hurts people's eyes. The touchscreen feature takes up battery. I'm not saying to get rid of the touchscreen altogether, but there should be an option/model for people who don't want fingerprints on their screen and who prioritise battery life but STILL need the pressure sensitive pen capability.



One would think that this requires a massive trackpad like the recent macbook pros(ew lmao), but considering that the average screensize of smartphones now is similar to a 5x3 indexcard, it's doable with a dedicated learning curve. I have a Galaxy Note Edge and considering how productive I can be with the pressure sensitive pen in that limited space, it's doable, especially with the tiny pen already included in the X1 Yoga's silo(those with bigger hands might be in a bit of trouble, I admit. It depends on their adaptability and learning curve).


Currently, the active area for an Intuos Pro Small is 6.2 x 3.9 in. The Intuos Art Small is 6.0 x 3.7 in.


In addition to shifting things around with the keyboard(moving it forward perhaps, nearer to the screen + moving the power button to the corner and out of the way, etc.), if R&D + Production regains their senses and gives in to the more productive screen ratios of 4:3, 3:2, or 16:10 (loyal Thinkpad professionals have been leaving you for the Surface line brUH read the forums), the footprint might shift, enabling a larger space vertically for the trackpad, even with a near bezeless formfactor like the 5th gen X1.


There would be several testing for the ergonomics before ever getting to the final product, of course. Too large a touchpad can hinder things, minimising the size of the left and right clicker buttons for more space can't be too overdone, learning curves must be tested, etc.


Perhaps there could be large subject pools voting on the compromise of the different trackpad sizes on the laptops. 5x3 might be too frustratingly small for some people, but 6x4- might be too large for the compactness/portability/aesthetic of the laptop. They would have to vote on the range of sizes.


(There could also be an off-on button for this feature which saves more battery life btw.)


Also, writing on the glass is cringy, it reminds me of the chalk on blackboard days. Writing on a grainy touchpad with paper-like friction would help the creative+professional process.


I want the Thinkpad line to be the first to utilise such a feature(I might be bitter about being teased at having an x230 with a massive battery dock. I want retribution.)



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