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How to get to a BIOS Boot Menu on the Tablet 2



I want to boot from a USB key - how do I get to a boot menu on the Tablet 2 ?


I cannot find a way to get into BIOS.  I've tried both the suggested methods to access the setup program, and neither have worked.  I've tried just about every combination I can come up with (I've been messing with one of these for a day now). 


I have disabled Secure Boot (with it enabled, there still isn't an UEFI option to boot from) but still was not able to get the tablet 2 to boot from USB devices.


A proceedure to enter BIOS setup and change the boot order:


1. Ensure full power off of the system.  Swipe settings, change PC settings, general, then scroll the list at the right to the bottom and press restart now.  When blue choose option screen appears, press turn off PC.


2.  Simultaneously press and hold power and the vol-up button for several secs until the lenovo log appears

3.  Once into the BIOS screen, select Startup. then boot.  Your attached USB drive should be recognized and identified at the top of the list.  Press F10 to save exit and yes to then reboot.


You should be able to boot to a properly prepared USB key.


Please note - ThinkPad Tablet 2 supports 32-bit OS only, and UEFI 2.3.1 OS only.  This means Windows 8 32-bit (or Windows PE 4, 32-bit).  It will not boot to any 64-bit OS, and it won't boot to any legacy OS.  This means no Win7, WinPE 3.x, or pretty much any other boot CD you've used in the past.  The key should be formated FAT 32.


Please see related article on configuring a key as bootable for UEFI 


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to get into bios go to settings/pc settings/update and recovery/recovery/advanced startup/restart now

choose an option/troubeshoot/advanced otions/uefi firmware settings/restart

you will be in bios

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