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Installing OS - ThinkServer TS200 6525-11G


Lenovo ThinkServer TS200 6525-11G and would like to install Windows Server 2008 x64 on this Server.


After starting up it only displays:


IMM initalizing

IMM Memory initialized

IMM Kernel loading

IMM Kernel running

BMC started

Network initalized

Remote Power Control available

Thermal Management online

Flash Manager ready

Remote Video Engine online

IMPI Sensor scan ready

VPD available

SEL initalized

Ready for uEFI Initialization

uEFI Starting


What are now the next steps to install Windows ?  Suppose this is a RAID config ?


The IMM says:


The System "SN#-----" encountered a firmware hang


If you have multiple HDDs and you want to use RAID, you need to setup RAID before installing the OS. 

On the TS200, you do this through BIOS Setup:


- Click F1

- Go to System Settings

- UEFI adapters

- Refresh adapters

- Select the RAID adapter

- follow prompts to configure RAID


Then install the OS using DVD.

- During boot, insert the DVD

- Hit F12 to boot to alternate media

- Follow prompts to install the OS.


Consider updating the firmware using the following:



Burn the ISO and boot to it by hitting F12 and selecting the optical drive as startup device from the list.




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