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RD 220 Can you configure multiple bootable arrays on same server?

by on ‎09-27-2010 07:47 PM (1,464 Views)


Is there any way to create two arrays on one server that a user could select the one they would like to boot from on the same RD 220?


For example 3 drives running 2003 Standard and 3 drives running 2008 Standard.




I'm not aware of any such solution as you set up boot array in the RAID controller BIOS.


So nothing like pop-up window for boot selection.


Only boot from eg. internal RAID and external USB should be supported.


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Lenovo Employee Karl11
Lenovo Employee

I believe we could achieve it, and you can have a try.

But you may need to select the array you want to boot from manually when you use it.