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TD230 - Can't see software raid option on boot


I'm using a brand new TD230 server and I have configured it to use the software raid option in the bios.  However, when booting, I do not see the Raid status screen anymore, so I can't use ctrl-e to get in the options.


I was able to enter the options once last week but it seems the screen just isn't showing up any more.


I've tried pressing the ctrl-e randomly during boot just in case it goes so fast I can't see it but without success.  The controller is working because if I use the EasyStartup CD, I can configure it properly.




Check to see if the ROM option display in the system BIOS has been disabled.  If it is, it can lock you out of accessing the controller BIOS until it's enabled in the system BIOS.


Note that the Option Rom selection is only available when SATA mode is set to AHCI.  


Another potential solution is to disable the "Quiet Boot" option.  This removes the ThinkServer logo during boot and let's the firmware for the Raid controller show up.


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