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The TD230 recognizes my 2 X 3TB drives when the SATA is configured in Enhanced mode.


When I switch the SATA mode to SW and then go into the SRT utility to create the RAID, it only recognizes the drives as 780GB


The EFI is at the latest version posted on the site but I supsect that it's the Embedded Server RAID Technology II software that is out of date - A.09.08061549I (April, 2010)


Is there an update available to fix this ?



While Lenovo does not presently offer / support RAID with 3TB drives, some users have reported success by:


 Installing the LENOVO RAID adapter ( LSI MegaRAID 9240-8I SATA3/SAS ) -  with the 3TB drives (mirrored) running VMWare ESXI 5


The LSI 9260-8i may be a potential upgrade path for higher performance if required.

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