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TS200v - RAID 5 controller card?



I'm considering the following:


Lenovo ThinkServer TS200v Intel Pentium G6950 2.80 GHz 2GB DDR3 2 x 250GB HDD Server


However it appears I will need to add a hard drive and RAID controller card in order to implement RAID 5. Assuming I use the lenovo-branded HDD that is specified for this model, is there any reason I can't use an off-the-shelf RAID controller card?  I can't find where any of these cards are specifically recommended on the lenovo site.  Here is one I'm considering:


Rosewill Silicon Image RC-209-EX PCI External e-SATA x2/ Internal SATA x4 1.5G HDD Controller Card Supports RAID0/1/5/0+1/ ...


Will this work?  What else should I be considering?


In addition to the controller card support, one needs to consider where the additional drive will be mounted and the potential themal considerations.


The TS200v has 2 HDD bays which are cooled by a fan located toward the front of chasis. If you add an additional drive to provide for a RAID 5 configuration, it would need to be mounted in a bay intended for an  optical drive and you would have to use conversion kit 3.5" to 5.25" and the drive will not be cooled properly when mounted this way.




This is one reason why any RAID 5 controller is not certified in this configuration. 

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