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What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-22-2010
Location: Sydney
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Upgrade Processor for ThinkServer RS110

I have a ThinkServer RS110 (MTM-6436-15M) which I have installed VMWare ESXi on. The installed processor doesn't support Virtualization Technology, so I would like to replace it with a processor that does. I need Virtualization Technology to support 64-bit guest OS's.


What are my choices of processor? Could I just replace the existing processor with a Intel® Core2 Duo E7600?


Thanks for the help

What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-22-2010
Location: Sydney
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Re: Upgrade Processor for ThinkServer RS110

I found this list of processor (see below) at this address:


Are there any other processors that are supported on this hardware? How about




20Intel® Celeron 440 2GHz Processor43W5096N11M 11A 11Q 11T 11K 11R 11E 11J
Intel® Core™2 Duo E4600 2.40 GHz Processor44R5775N12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G 12B 12H 12V
Intel® Xeon® E3110 Dual-Core 3.0 GHz Processor44X0204N13G
Intel® Xeon® 3320 Dual-Core 2.5 GHz Processor44X0205N 
Intel® Xeon® 3350 Dual-Core 2.66 GHz Processor44X0206N14U 14F 14S 14L 14D 14Y 14G 14B 14H 14V

Intel® Pentium® Processor E2200 2.2G 1MB

Intel® Pentium® Processor E5300 2.6G2MB46C6713NCTO

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7400 2.8G3MB

Intel® Xeon® Quad Core Processor X3360 2.8344X0207NCTO
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7200 2.53G3MB46M0338NCTO 15U 15F 15S 15L 15D 15Y 15G 15M 15A 15Q 15T 15K 15R 15E 15J 16G 16M 16A 16Q 16T 16H 16K 16R 16E 16J
Intel® Xeon® Dual Core Processor E3120 3.16G6MB46M0339NCTO

Intel® Xeon® Quad Core Processor X3330 2.66G6MB