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Serial Port
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Registered: ‎11-10-2010
Location: WI
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Accepted Solution

Performance - Software RAID 1 vs Hardware RAID 1 on TD230

[ Edited ]

Wondering how the performance of the on-board RAID controller is compared to a RAID card?  In the past I've always used a third party RAID controller card [Promise SuperTrak].


I've been considering getting a TD230 [1st time purchase] and using the on-board RAID for a customer with about 30 accounting users.


What has your experience been with on-board RAID?






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Re: Performance - Software RAID 1 vs Hardware RAID 1 on TD230

[ Edited ]

many times onboard RAID will be faster than a discreet RAID card since the onboard utilizes your system's CPU and memory (both of which are faster than most discreet cards).


i used discreet RAID in servers for 15+ years before getting onboard RAID in my thinkstation (which has both an intel ICH9R and LSI 1068E chipset).   in three years i haven't had a single issue with SAS drives on the LSI controller.   in fact, i'd say the only limitations are the lack of BBU and the inability to do live migrations—neither of which have proven to be an issue for me over the years.   i haven't used the intel ICHR but can't say i've read about any major problems on this forum or anywhere else on the web.   intel's RAID solution seems quite stable.



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