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Serial Port
Posts: 31
Registered: ‎11-10-2010
Location: WI
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Accepted Solution

TS130 On board RAID

In the process of experimenting with/setting up a TS-130 with Win 2008 R2 with 500gb RAID1 using built in RAID.


I've been switching differnet drives in/out of the system after I had the RAID1 successfully working.  I could plug in my test drives (either a single drive) or a pair of test RAID drives - and the server would boot.


On a few occassions, I plug the originall RAID back in and booted.  However, now on two occassions I've plugged my original RAID drives back in and they would not boot.  The first attempt was after installing a single drive for a Windows 2008 install.  I was able to make the original RAID drives boot after I connected 2 test drives as RAID and did a Windows Server Restore.  Once I remove the test RAID disks and connected the original RAID disk, the original RAID booted.  I thought perhaps something in CMOS was wonky after having only a single drive connected.


I installed the test RAID drives for more testing and wanted to switch back to my original RAID -  machine won't boot.


Onboard RAID screen show RAID is intact, but it won't boot.  I have not tried reinstalling the test RAID disks and doing a Windows Server Backup restore. Actually I had just gotten done doing that.

Any ideas?  It sounds like it's not wise to plug different drives into the server after the RAID has been configed. 





Posts: 99
Solutions: 50
Registered: ‎11-24-2007
Location: United States
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Re: TS130 On board RAID

accal wrote:
It sounds like it's not wise to plug different drives into the server after the RAID has been configed.

typically, yes.   while arrays are usually mobile between controllers in the event of a failure, once the controller picks up the metadata it assumes you're leaving the array in place.   the end result depends entirely on the controller.   each act differently.   pulling all disks of an array can flag a multi-disk failure and the controller will assume every drive died.


if you see an error after removing and replacing an array, try rebooting again to see if the array's metadata is picked up and applied.   or, flag the array as offline and let it rebuild each time (albeit timely and tedious).


the best option is set up the array you want and let it run, assuming any "test" arrays created in the meantime via swapping physical disks will risk errors.

Serial Port
Posts: 31
Registered: ‎11-10-2010
Location: WI
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Re: TS130 On board RAID

Hi Erik,


Thanks for the info.   Guess I won't do that again.