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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 13
Registered: ‎08-13-2010
Location: UK
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TS200 with ESXi4.1


Is anyone using a TS200 with ESXi4.1?


I have made a few attempts at it and it seems to sort-of work?


I've tried using it on USB and also on the hard disk.


The various problems I've had are hanging at boot (at various point), disappearing datastores and other seeming random issues/errors.


I have seen here 

that, apparently, the TS200 is supported with ESXi, but I've checked on the VMware website and it's not listed!


The IBM ServeRAID M1015 card seems to be recognised OK, I can even see the status of the RAID array via the VMware client.


It just doesn't seem to be "running right".


Any thoughts, comments, appreciated.


Cheers Ian



What's DOS?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-08-2010
Location: Zagreb
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Re: TS200 with ESXi4.1

Hm, I have installed Vmware ESXi 4.1 version on a TS200 model and it went without any issues. Few Virtual machines are already running on it , RAID mode is mirroring (only two disks). For the actual support on the problem, it's probably a good idea to wait if someone with a biger knowledge can solve your problem. All I can confirm that the specific situation is running OK.

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎03-07-2011
Location: Albuquerque, NM
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Re: TS200 with ESXi4.1

I am unable to install ESXi 4.1 on TS200v. It fails with this:


  File "/usr/lib/vmware/installer/Core/", line 15, in __init__
  File "/lib/python2.5/", line 11328, in Load
    def Load(*args): return _vmkctl.ModuleImpl_Load(*args)
vmkctl.HostCtlException: Unable to load module /usr/lib/vmware/vmkmod/vmfs3: Failure

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 beta seems to work without issues, but plain 6 did not recognize the onboard Ethernet (they had the drivers that knew the chip, but apparently the BIOS some MSI-X routing tables screwed up). So, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any BIOS updates or perhaps has a rebuilt ESXi 4.1 ISO.



-- Pete

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎03-07-2011
Location: Albuquerque, NM
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Re: TS200 with ESXi4.1

I bought Ethenet card from here:

With that card installed in TS200v, installation continues to partitioning.

What's DOS?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎12-18-2010
Location: Florida
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Re: TS200 with ESXi4.1

If you don't mind going unsupported, you can inject drivers into the esxi install iso. Go to for more info.  I was able to inject drivers for the built-in intel ethernet.  Works great.   Intel ICH10r is supported, but not in "raid" mode.  I needed raid, so picked up a cheap Perc 6i  (LSI)+ battery off ebay for ~$100.   So far everything works great!