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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-15-2008
Location: Santa Rosa
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Accepted Solution

Think Server TD100 Simple Swap Drive Rails...are they avaliable seperately?



I would like to use SATA WD Velociraptor drives for my TD100 Thinkserver and wonder if the plastic SATA simple swap drive cage mounting rails are avaliable seperately to do this. If so....the part#.




John Newcomb

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎12-24-2008
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Re: Think Server TD100 Simple Swap Drive Rails...are they avaliable seperately?

Unfortunately, at this time, simple swap trays do not appear to be offered as a separate part for ThinkServers. 


You can find them being sold on Ebay every once in a while, but you have to be careful.  Not all simple swap trays are the same design.  


The reason that the drives are sold with the trays is to prevent end users from getting into trouble when a drive needs to be replaced.  The drives sold for the server carry the warranty of the server.  When a drive fails on a server with next business day warranty, a replacement drive is sent immediately for next business day delivery. 


OEM hard drives, on the other hand, have there own warranty that generally takes up to two weeks to fulfill.  That's why OEM drives are significantly cheaper. That's entirely too long a time to have a logical drive critical. 


Occasionally a server will be built by a reseller or end user with OEM drives to cut costs.  To prevent the drives from being replaced by server hard drives, server hard drives are marginally smaller than OEM hard drives.  When an OEM drive fails in an array and is replaced by a server drive, the array will be unable to rebuild to the server drive, because the drive is smaller than the other drives in the array.   This is the problem that Lenovo and other server vendors try to avoid.  The server has excellent warranty coverage but the OEM drives in the server are not covered by that warranty.  


Why is it bad to have a logical drive critical for too long a time?


Hard drives have about 7% of there total raw storage reserved for spare sectors.  That's a lot of spare sectors, that are used from time to time when a regular disk sector fails and reports a medium error.  On disk systems that are based on RAID 1 or better disk subsystems this means that the data is recalculated by the RAID processor and then is rewritten on the spare sector the hard drive assigned the failed sector address to.  On RAID 0 or non RAID systems the data can not be recalculated from other hard drives, which means potential data loss.  On RAID 1 or better disk subsystems that have a failed drive that has made the logical drive go critical, the medium error(failed sector) is also going to result in potential data loss.


You want to minimize the length of time you are exposed to having a critical logical drive.  If you must use OEM drives, get an extra drive and define a hot spare.



I hope this helps,



Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-15-2008
Location: Santa Rosa
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Re: Think Server TD100 Simple Swap Drive Rails...are they avaliable seperately?

Dear Digitaloz,


Thank you for your very helpful reply. It makes a lof sense why server manufacturers do this. You have helped me to understand better. Thank you and Merry Christmas!



Fanfold Paper
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎01-16-2009
Location: east coast - usa
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Re: Think Server TD100 Simple Swap Drive Rails...are they avaliable seperately?

Yes, the rails for the simpleswap drives are available as seperate parts.


I found them using google and searching for IBM rather than Lenovo 


The downside was that they were $39 each !!


I was searching because i wanted to see if i could get the simple swap rails and modify them to use with the some off the shelf drives but the high price for a little piece of plastic (prob less than $1 to make) put me off. 


I could not get my lenovo drives in a timely manner and had to get my deployment off the ground despite the bureacracy so i used anti-static foam to make spacers to support my seagate 500gb NS.2 drives - and just got the project off the ground.


I finally got my backordered SATA Hot swap drives for my TD100x (3 weeks after i ordered) and:

   1. IMHO, the WD drives that shipped from lenovo are far inferior to the seagate NS.2 drives i was using

   2. I believe that i could have modified the simple swap " rails " to work with hot swap drives, while lacking the cheesy, ill fitting plastic locking mechanisim, that would have been better than foam that i was forced to use - and the client would have been more impressed too.



anyway -

Posts: 5,238
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Registered: ‎11-23-2007
Location: United States
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Re: Think Server TD100 Simple Swap Drive Rails...are they avaliable seperately?

ericjmail is correct.   the tray part number is 25R8864.   here is a photo.


for whatever reason, the trays are listed for the TS100 but not the TD100.



you can order them through the IBM maintenance parts department at 800-388-7080 (options 2:1:1) or through various online resellers.


my personal suggestion is to check ebay. Smiley Wink

ThinkStation C20      ThinkPad X1C · X220 · X60T · 600

What's DOS?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎05-10-2011
Location: Germany
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Re: Think Server TD100 Simple Swap Drive Rails...are they avaliable seperately?

Thank you very much,


i also have a TS200 and searched the trays. Found them on ebay.


Compatibility List:

IBM » ESERVER » XSERIES 206m (8485, 8490-XXX)

* IBM/Lenovo eServer: XSERIES 100 (8486-XXX), XSERIES 206m (8485, 8490-XXX), XSERIES 306m (8491, 8849-XXX), XSERIES 326M (7969-XXX), XSERIES X3100 (4348), XSERIES X3105, XSERIES X3350, XSERIES X3400

* IBM/Lenovo System: X3200 (4362, 4363-XXX), x3200 M2 (4367, 4368), X3250 (4364, 4365, 4366-XXX), X3250 M2, X3350, x3400 (7973, 7974), x3400 (7975, 7976), x3400 M2, x3455 (7940), X3455 (7984, 7986-XXX), x3550 (1913), x3550 (7978)

* IBM/Lenovo ThinkServer: RS110 6435, 6436, 6437, 6438-xxx, RS210, TD100, TS100 6431, 6432, 6433, 6434-xxx, TS200 6522, 6523, 6524, 6525, 6526, 6528, 6529, 6530