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can you upgrade graphic card to ibm x3200 m2 4367 server tower


i just purchased an used x3200 m2 server tower. running windows 7 good. only lack in video department. i tried to install an Nvidia graphic card but it is (pci express x16) doesnt fit in any slot of the server. just want to know if you can add an AGP  (pci express x8?)graphic card to it to improve the video on this machine. the one onboard is only 16mb ati. need help on this .thanks

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Re: can you upgrade graphic card to ibm x3200 m2 4367 server tower

AGP is vastly different than PCIe x8 and not interchangeable.   to the best of my knowledge, no one makes an x4 or x8 video card.   all are either x1 or x16.   an x1 card might work for you.


regarding compatibility, that's something you might need to experiment.   i've never personally installed a graphics card in a modern server since any server i've deployed only needed a basic terminal window to function.


good luck!

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