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Paper Tape
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Home Server????

Ok. I have a home business and I need a professional website up, and something that I can pay for once, and not worry about for... Until I upgrade the server. I have a Lenovo laptop and, well obviously, this is why I came to Lenovo first. The laptop runs faster and better then one of my other newer laptops... Anyway, I was looking at the ThinkSevers, and I don't know which one to get. I want a tower, that's for sure, but I don't know if I should get the TS200V, or the TD230. Scripting it I don't worry about... My son is well... amateurish, I guess, compared to flash web developers... Or the address, my son also found a website that gives you a higher quality web address ( )... The only thing that is missing is a web server to host it on. The business is fairly small, only delivering to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and an average income of $250.00 Canadian ( $255.58 American) . The capabilities I want are:

  • The ability to host a website... Obvious
  • Host a website securely
  • Have at least a 5 year life span
  • Have backup memory incase of a crash
  • Low energy intake to reduce on the energy bill and my carbon footprint
  • Easily operated for some one with low computer skills

Thanks for trying to help me!!!!

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Re: Home Server????

welcome to the forum!


it sounds like what you need is simply a host for your website, not a server.   if you have admittedly-low computer skills then i honestly wouldn't recommend diving head-first into trying to serve a web site out of your home.


buying and managing a server requires a lot of time, knowledge, and investment.   to add to that, you'd need a static IP and high-bandwidth access from your internet service provider, otherwise the site you host will be painfully slow to the outside world.


domain registrars such as godaddy and network solutions (among many others) offer both domain name registration and hosting packages.   this will save you from worrying about server equipment lasting five years, security, upkeep, etc.   they can help you get your website hosted and running, meeting every one of your six bullet points with ease.


as much as i regret to say it, you don't need a thinkserver.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Home Server????

I thought a server because the sites that are hosting it right now costs a fairly large amount of money per month for a .info ending.

Well, I had saved up money for a Thinkserver... (not that much... around $300.00)

I'll probably go buy a laptop.

Of course it will be Lenovo.

So, even though you reget to say, I don't need a Thinkserver, you will still get your pay check.

Smiley Tongue


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Re: Home Server????

take a look at godaddy and netsol for hosting.   mediatemple is also an excellent option if your site can run on linux-based hosts.


unless your site is pushing a ton of bandwidth, you should be able to find something around $20~30/month.   your domain name should be an annual fee of $10~25.   if you're paying more than this then you're simply paying too much.


buying a lenovo laptop is absolutely great idea though.   i'd recommend a thinkpad without question. Smiley Tongue

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Serial Port
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Re: Home Server????

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I'd have to agree with Erik, it sounds like you only need a domain name host/web site host, and possibly someone to develop your website.


Like Erik said, domain names should not cost that much.  I've used since 2007. I have to 2 websites using this registrar..  The domain names & identity protection run about 13.00 US per year.  I think GoDaddy's prices are very similar. I have 1 personal website using GoDaddy as a host and domain name registrar.


Webhosting doesn't have to cost a great deal either.  I have my work website and a personal site hosted at MediaLayer and could not be happier with their service and performance.  Both sites use the AppLayerDX plan @ 9.95 per month.  If you pay annually, it's like 110.00 per year.    Keep in mind I do all the website development and updates, so I don't have that cost.


My work website is a just a "static" site with a web page, nothing fancy.  My personal website has a static home page, but also includes a SQL powered discussion board.  Neither site is high volume.  However for awhile back my personal site was pushing the limits of the monthly 10gb bandwidth.  My work website, comes no where near the 10gb limit.  I will be using MediaLayer for my church's website once that gets approved.  In my experience, Medialayer is much faster than GoDaddy when it comes to SQL database performance.


Good luck!!




Punch Card
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Re: Home Server????

Never ever use a PC, Server as a home hosting for many reasons like dynamic IP, security, faulty hardware...

Also web hosting price is affordable these days, secure, 99% uptime, backups, speed, reliable...

If you want a serious hosting you can go dedicated or VPS.


I won't give you any hosting companies you will easielly find by Google it.

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