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Paper Tape
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Monitoring and Management

Is there any software available for Lenovo servers like Dell's OpenManage to monitor fans, power supplies, disks, and RAID controllers?  I could find anything on the support site or Google and spent 45 minutes on the phone with a lot of clueless people that just kept transfering me between Lenovo and IBM.

What's DOS?
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Re: Monitoring and Management

Same thing happened to me the other day when I called sales/tech support to ask if the TS130 could run RHEL 6.x. I was on the phone also for 45 minutes and talked to 'Peggy' 8 times before I was cutoff on another transfer.

Lenovo Employee
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Re: Monitoring and Management

I am sorry to hear you were cut-off. However, the TS130 does not support any Linux OS'es. The TS430 supports RHEL 6.x of which you were looking.

Serial Port
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Re: Monitoring and Management

Do you know if the TS130 has management software like dell openmanage? I think that was the OP's original question.
What's DOS?
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Re: Monitoring and Management

I have the same question...


I called support and I told the rep that we are jumping the Dell ship and require a monitoring soultion like Open Manage the guy had no clue  on what to use to monitor the server.

I found LSI megaRAID app for the onboard RAID but it appears that I need to purchase the advance option for alerts... Really



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