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Paper Tape
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RD240 how loud is it?


I´m thinking about buying 2 RD240 Servers for our company!

I just would like to know how noisy those things are since I´ve just returned 2 HP DL180 server because they were way too loud.





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Betreff: RD240 how loud is it?


RD240 has 52db idle mode and 60db work mode.


BTW: the tower servers TS200v (24db) and TD230 (30db) are much more silent, as they have to stand in the office in many times...




Paper Tape
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Betreff: RD240 how loud is it?

I just got one for our new SBS server and to be honest its obnoxiously loud.

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Betreff: RD240 how loud is it?

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rack mount servers typically are obnoxiously loud due to the volume of air they need to move through the chassis for proper component cooling.   many 1U/2U heatsinks are passive and rely on the system fans to move air through them to cool the CPUs.


on top of that, rack servers are intended to be mounted in a dedicated rack, many times inside a dedicated closet or server farm environment rather than an office environment as mkaelbarer points out.


honestly, i've not yet encountered a quiet rack server.   52db is rather quiet for a rack though (all things considered).

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Betreff: RD240 how loud is it?

At first, the server sounds as if a jet is powering up, but after a few seconds, the machine is very quiet.  I would recommend it.   I have 2 of them in my server room and they are rarely noticed.  Take care.

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