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Paper Tape
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TD230 On-board RAID, multiple arrays?

I am using the onboard embeded LSI RAID controller which has connectors for 4 hard drives. I originally configured this server with a RAID1 mirror consisting of 2 hard drives, installed the OS, and put into production. Now the customer's needs have changed, and I need to increase storage capacity. My intent was to add two more hard drives, and configure a second RAID1 mirror. However, I have discovered that the MegaRaid Manager will only allow the two new drives to be "hot spares", and will not allow me to create a second array. I tried using both the Easy Start CD, and the Bios level manager, but both will not allow me to add another array, without destroing the original array. Has anybody ran into this and found a work around? Perhaps a differant manager can be used? I would like to avoid the extra unexpected expense of adding the 9240-8i controller card, but it looks like I will have to.

Thanks in advance.

Lenovo Employee
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Re: TD230 On-board RAID, multiple arrays?

You are limited with the onboard controller and will need to purchase the 9240-8i for multiple arrays.

Paper Tape
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Re: TD230 On-board RAID, multiple arrays?

I notice thi spost is from 1/12.  Is this still the case.  I have a new server(6 mos) and need to add another RAID 1.  I'm not prepared to blow away the original RAID 1.

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