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TD350 Convert existing drive to Raid?

Is is possible to convert an existing drive with Windows Server 2016 to a Raid array and leave it intact adding in a second drive?  I am using a TD350 server.  


Outside that with a little backgroud on the issue.  The server is just coming up on 2 years old and it locked up last Wednesday night.  It had 2 drives in it setup in Raid 1.  When rebooting it, it marked the Second drive in the array as bad and tried to boot from the first drive which it didn't mark as bad.  The issue is the First drive is what failed, it actually locks up the server, completely locks it up (and anything else it is connected to).  I tried to run it off of the second drive, but the array had it marked bad with the error light blinking on it.  In order to get the server functioning again, I shut off the raid in the bios and let it boot off the drive directly.  The drive is working fine.  But now I can not rebuild the Raid.



Lenovo Employee Dannyhsueh
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Re: TD350 Convert existing drive to Raid?

Hi Sir,

If you rebuild the Raid, you will need to reinstall Windows Server 2016 as well. 

What do you mean the First drive is failed and locks up the server? Could you please remove second drive and try to boot from the first drive to see if it will boot up to Windows Server 2016 or not? If fail, is there any error or warrning message?



Lenovo Employee jeromez
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Re: TD350 Convert existing drive to Raid?

if that so, can you recreate raid 1 in uefi /bios as the same parameter as before ,and didn't initialization the drive when create raid 1(cancel the fast initialization option).  if that work, data is there ,and server can boot.


pls remember to backup important data befor do that.

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