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Paper Tape
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TS130 server as desktop workstation?



Is it possible to equip a TS130 unit with a keyboard and mouse and run Windows 7 on it to use it as a desktop workstation? The reason I ask is that more 'bare' versions of the TS130 seem to be available than for the E30, so may be would better for a custom setup? If it seems to be too stupid an idea you can tell me so. I do have an E30 on order, so this is strictly for the future.


- Sandip

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Re: TS130 server as desktop workstation?

welcome to the forum!


sure, i suppose you could turn a TS130 into a workstation.   what you're looking to do isn't stupid, just different.


if you ever have a hardware issue, the support paths for these two systems will be different through the phone support system.   plus, if you post a question on the forum with a workstation-related question then things could get confusing on how and where to support you.   even though the hardware is identical (or similar depending on the config), you'd be using a server BIOS for workstation duty.   that's difficult to support on an official level.   and, flashing an E30 BIOS on the TS130 isn't officially supported.


personally, i'd just stick with the E30 you've ordered.   if you need a workstation then buy a workstation.


hope that helps.

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Paper Tape
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Re: TS130 server as desktop workstation?

Here's a crazy question along the lines of the first post, kind of.   I bought the Lenovo ThinkServer TS130 11051CU Tower Entry-level Server, thinking it was just a typical desktop PC, (I do crazy stuff!).  So, I did some research.  Wouldn't it be cool to install the Apple operating system and use it for home use?  I found a forum where they discuss Hackintoshed computers, and it could be possible, and I think it would be fun.  But, I know little about computers.  Just what I have been reading in these last few days. Question:  could I hook up a keyboard and PC screen and load in the Apple OSx86 mountain lion?  And then use this thinkserver as a home pc?  Ultimately, I want a computer to handle my home videos I record with my high def camcorder.  I want to burn my videos of my kids basketball games onto blu rays (I have two different external blu ray writers)  And, I think it would be an awesome set up!!! IF possible?

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Re: TS130 server as desktop workstation?

You could certainly do that, since MacOS is now designed to work with Intel processors. The only issue would be support. Since MacOS isn't an operating system that Lenovo supports, you would be on your own in that department; that is, if you called the server support line with a MacOS issue, you would more than likely be referred to Apple.


Hardware-wise though, it sounds like you have big plans for your setup. Keep in mind, however, that a server isn't a beefier PC, but intended to be more of a straight-up workhorse--if you want to use it as a gaming/multimedia rig, then honestly you would be better off getting a PC specialized for that purpose.


HOWEVER: You could do what I eventually want to do myself, and set the server up as a household fileserver. Then you could keep your videos there, and network it in with a multimedia PC to view them through a widescreen TV. My plan is a touch more involved, though, and involves setting up a household print-share as well as hosting the data files for my husband's and my PC games and apps (to free up space on our personal PCs).


Best of luck to you, let us know how it turns out!

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