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Paper Tape
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TS150 Hard Drive Expansion

Hi all.


I see that no one has posted fopr a while but need some help.


I'm looking to expand my TS150 but the spec sheet is confusing to what others have said so i'm asking owners what i can and can't do.


So, can i

A) Fit a SATA HDD that is over 2 TB? Has anyone done this with no issues?

B) Fit a SSD thats over 960GB? Has anyone done this with any issues?

C) Fit a M.2 SSD? I only ask as it doesn't mention it on the Lenovo Press sheet but I noticed that someone has done it into one of the PCIe slots. Is that correct?

D) Had any issues with new RAM as i've had IBM out as a Crucial stick i bought killed it. 

E) Are SAS drives also compatible with this machine?


Sorry if these sound really stupid questions, but i'm sick and tired of people regurgitating the spec sheet. I just wanna know from the users that have a TS150 what can be done and can't. 


I currently have 2 x 2TB HDDs, 1x500gb 2.5 HDD and a 3TB external HDD. 

I want to get rid of the internal HDDs and replace them with a couple of 4TBs and an SSD, but no sure which direction to take.


Thanks massiverly inadvance.



Lenovo Employee Karl11
Lenovo Employee
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Re: TS150 Hard Drive Expansion

Hi Michael,

Basically, you could follow the offical spec sheet for your usage. If the offical spec sheet support your configuration, you could use it, if not, suggest not to use it.

Here is the TS150 spec supported Drive types(it may vary by special models), FYI:


2.5-inch drives (in a 3.5-inch drive tray):

  • SATA SSDs up to 960 GB

3.5-inch drives:

  • SATA HDDs up to 2 TB
  • Nearline (NL) SATA HDDs up to 10 TB

SD cards up to 8 GB.

Mixing SATA HDDs and SSDs is supported within a system, but not within a RAID array.



Following is the TS150 spec sheet:



A: Yes

B: No, the supported max SSD is 960GB

C: No. No support.

D: It depends on the memory. If it is supported in the spec, it could be used, if not supported, it is better not to use it.

E: No.No support, though the interface is compatible.


Hope it helps you.



Paper Tape
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Re: TS150 Hard Drive Expansion


Thanks for your reply but as i mentioned i didn't want the spec sheet regurgitated to me as I've been reviewing it over and over again. All i needed is a User to tell me what they've done and if they've managed to go over what the specs say.

So you're saying that i can installed HDDs that are over 2TB then?

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