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Thinkserver TD200 Win2K8 R2 64-bit SATA controller

Have a new TD200 with Server 2008 R2 64-bit and a Quantum DLT V4 SATA tape drive. The tape drive defaults to PIO mode which is too slow to do backups or pass install tests. Same drive works flawlessly in a base Windows XP box with an Adaptec SATA controller. Tried it on a second TD200 and the same problem arises - so it's drivers or perhaps OS but not the tape drive.


Anybody know of a good Lenovo-friendly secondary SATA controller that could go in a TD200? or anybody have any driver / chipset settings suggestions on the TD200 itself?

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkserver TD200 Win2K8 R2 64-bit SATA controller

This reply might be a mute point now, but the issue has to do with the BIOS being locked to "IDE mode only" for the Sata ports on board (per Lenovo level 2 tech this is a limitation locked in BIOS by IBM).  We had the same exact issue with a TS200 and a TD200. 

So, we went ahead and purchased an Adaptec 1220SA sata controller that is on the DLT-V4 compatibility list to use instead of the on-board sata port - which we have used in other servers without issue (non-UEFI bios boxes).  Neither the TD200 or TS200 would recognize the adaptec card unless we changed the mode on the pcie port to Gen1, even with the latest firmware on the card.  Yet, even though the card was finally being recognized by the system, as soon as we started testing with xTalk, the server would hardware blue screen and show an error on the pcie port that the card was plugged into.

After spending several hours on the phone with support, we were told we would have to use a server proven IBM hba sas controller.  The controller they recommended was IBM SAS 3GB  HBA Controller v2 PN 44E8700.
Since we are already down way too much time and the cost of the adaptec 1220sa controller, we stuck in a generic PCI sata controller card and xTalk full diagnostics ran successfully.

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