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Device claiming in ThinkSmart Manager times-out and is not successful

Note: This is not common, it is possible that cryptographic keys can be altered on your device and will prevent successful claiming. If you have attempted to do an “Add Device” using the password method in the ThinkSmart Manager and have received a 5 minute timeout this may be a symptom of this problem. These steps will help you determine if you have an IP communications loss or will show you how to renew the device’s cryptographic key.


1. Look at the hub’s Microsoft Teams Screen and confirm it is not printing the Message “This device is not connected to the internet. If this message is present try to make certain the Ethernet cable with internet connection is connected to the device.

If connecting the internet cable leads the Internet error to go away then try to add the device using the ThinkSmart Manager. If the claim works none of the following steps are needed. If the hub was never showing an internet error, failed to claim with the internet or the admin account needs to be entered to establish internet connection please continue to the next step.


2. Select the More options below the three dots on the Microsoft Teams hub control panel.

3. Select the “Settings” option.

4. Enter the windows administrator password. Note, if this is a new device the default administrator password would be “sfb” otherwise you must know the current administrator password to proceed.

5. Select “Windows Settings” from the settings menu to enter the Windows account login.


6. Select “Administrator” to enter the account.


7. Enter the Windows Administrator password.

Note: At this point additional network configurations can be made to establish internet connection to the device.


8. Use the toolbar to enter the Windows Manager and navigate to “This PC” and the C: drive. 


9. You will need to make hidden directories visible using the View Menu.

When the Hidden Items option from the View Menu is selected the hidden directory “Program Data” will be made available.


10. Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\Keys Directory. 


11. The key starting with 30d needs to be deleted. This key needs special privileges to delete so the standard “delete” key will not work. You must hold the Shift-Delete at the same time when having the key starting with “30d” selected.


12. Select “Yes” for “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these 1 items?”


13. Select “Continue” for “You’ll need to provide administrator permission to delete this file”


14. Select “Yes” to authorize the specific file to be deleted.

15. Next, the services app must be run by typing “Services” and enter in the Windows search bar. 


16. Scroll Down in the Service App to the Lenovo ThinkSmartManager and right click.


17. Select the “Stop” option.


18. Confirm the Status Column no longer shows the service is running. Scroll down to the Universal Device Client Service and right click.


19. Select the stop Option.


20. Verify the Status Column shows the service is not running and right click on the “Universal Device Client Service”.


21. Select the start option and confirm the Status column shows the service running and notice in the file manager that a new 30d key has been generated.

22. Scroll up in the Services app to the Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager Service and right click.


23. Select the Start option and confirm the status column shows the service running.


24. Select the Microsoft -> Power -> Restart option.


25. Select the “Skype” account option.

26. The device will restart to the Microsoft Teams Control panel


27. The hub will be ready to claim with the updated key. Go to ThinkSmart Manager and add the device.

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