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During Claiming Error: Administrator Password is Incorrect. Please try again

Problem Symptom / Description:


User is unable to claim a device due to incorrect administrative password on Add a new device popup window.





Impacted Devices / UC:


ThinkSmart Hub 500 – Teams


Cause :


This happens when the Windows Administrator Password is incorrectly entered.


This happens when Administrators do not have privileges to -

a. Access computer from the network

b. Login to the device locally




User needs to login to the device as an Admin to make changes.


To login as Admin follow the below steps :


  1. Click on the More option below the 3 dots on the Team Rooms app. 

2. Select Settings on the right sliding pane.

3. Enter Admin password of the device and click Yes


4. Select Windows Settings from the settings page



5. Enter Admin credentials of the device and hit enter key from the keyboard, to login as an Administrator


6. Type Edit group policy in the windows search


7. Click on the Edit group policy from windows search results, to see Local Group Policy Editor. 

8. Expand Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment. Notice the presence of Administrators in the Access this computer from network policy. 


9. Notice the presence of Administrators in the Allow log on locally policy.


10. If Administrators are not seen in either of the steps 8 or 9, following the steps below to update the related policy(ies).

Steps to add Administrators to Access computer from the network policy

11. Right click on Access computer from the network to see Properties.

12. Select Properties


13.  Select Add User or Group… 



14. Select Object Types



15. Select Groups and click OK 


16. Click Find Now and select Administrators.

17. Select Administrators 


18. Select OK on Select users or Groups



19. Select OK on Access this computer from the network properties.


20. Confirm by clicking Yes

21. You can see Administrators added to the selected policy 

Steps to add Administrators to Allow log on locally policy

22. Right click on Allow log on locally and select ‘Properties’. Follow steps 12 to 21  to add Administrators to Allow log on locally.

23. Close the Local Group Policy Editor

24. Click on Windows Start -> Power -> Restart to restart the device

25. Once the device reboots, initiate claim on the ThinkSmart Manager console for this device.

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