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Getting Started with the ThinkSmart Manager

Log into ThinkSmart Manager for the first time

ThinkSmart Manager is a cloud platform that facilitates remote deployment, setup, configuration, and monitoring of hubs linked to the platform.

1. Go to https://console.thinksmart.lenovo.com and log in with your Lenovo ID. The assumption is if you're reading this, you  already have a Lenovo ID. If you want to create another one, continue by clicking "Sign up" and follow the on-screen instructions  to create a new Lenovo ID. Ensure that you validate the e-mail that comes from Lenovo when you first create a Lenovo ID. Once you have validated using the link in the e-mail, you can try to log in to ThinkSmart Manager with your Lenovo ID.



Important: Do not use Lenovo ID’s Social Sign-on feature (Facebook, Google, or Windows® Live ID) for your ThinkSmart Manager. We recommend you use an e-mail address and password to ensure full functionality.


 2. The first user from an organization will be required to create a new organization. Click Create a new organization and follow the on-screen instructions to fill in the required information.




3. That first user is known as an Owner. The owner would send invites from within ThinkSmart Manager to people who need access in the organization.





Install ThinkSmart Management Service on ThinkSmart Devices

Before you can start managing a ThinkSmart device with ThinkSmart Manager, download and install lenovo_thinksmart_setup.exe on the device first. This installer contains two Windows services, Lenovo ThinkSmart Management Service (LTMS) and Universal Device Client (UDC) that are necessary to work with ThinkSmart Manager will be installed.


Notes: Before you start, ensure that:

  • You have completed the first time creation of  a Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager Organization.

The hub has completed Windows OOBE (Out of Box Experience, a Windows initialization process for users to do basic configurations) and is connected to the network with Internet access.

The default password for Windows administrator account has to be changed to something other than blank (no password) or default and equal or greater than 8 characters

1. Download from lenovo_thinksmart_setup.exe , for advanced installer options goto: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkSmart-Knowledge-Base/Lenovo-ThinkSmart-Management-Service-LTMS-Advance-Installer/ta-p/4581275
2. Copy the Downloaded file to a USB drive. 
3. Connect to the USB drive to the Hub. On the MTR main menu, click the Settings icon in the lower right corner.
4. Click Settings ➙ Windows Settings ➙ Go to Admin Sign-in. Whenever prompted, enter the Windows administrator password.
5. From the Windows desktop, navigate to Windows file explorer and locate the lenovo_thinksmart_setup. exe file.  Copy that file to the Hub's local storage, then Double-click the file to install. 
6. Restart the Hub after the installation is completed.


For more information including please check the user guide here: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS542392 

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UniQ_Tech On 2019-12-13, 4:43 AM

Is this only applicable for Hub 500 for Microsoft Teams? What about Zoom Room?

Lenovo_Stephen On 2019-12-13, 5:21 AM

The ThinkSmart Hub 500 MTR is the only platform supported at this time.  Support for the Hub 500 Zoom Room platform is on the roadmap, please check with your Lenovo rep in the new year for more details.

phibo1978 On 2020-01-07, 21:59 PM

Link for the Thinksmart User guide seems to be incorrect and points me here?https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/desktops-and-all-in-ones/legion-series/legion-y720t-34ikh/downloads/DS102688



Marco_W1 On 2020-01-09, 10:47 AM

Hi there,


the System don´t find my Lenovo 500. Can someone help ?


I get error: System can´t find, please try again.






ChrisMann On 2020-01-09, 13:12 PM

same here, can't connect the ThinkSmart Hub 500. Also the link to the manual is wrong. And I would be interested in the costs after the first free year.

phibo1978 On 2020-01-09, 13:14 PM

 I found the serial number is case specfic, get that wrong and it won't add, got a few devices added now, 



ChrisMann On 2020-01-09, 13:24 PM

You can find the User Guide here:



The hub includes a one-year subscription to ThinkSmart Manager. You will be prompted to update your subscription near the end of the first year. If the subscription is not paid, your hub will not be able to be managed through ThinkSmart Manager. However, MTR and its configuration will not be impacted.
Lenovo_Stephen On 2020-01-16, 1:31 AM

When you recieve that message regarding can not find device. The first thing to check from logging into the Hub's local admin account the serial number thru WMI:  Open a cmd prompt and type "WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER" (without the "").  We have seen in some cases the value returned with more than the serial number, it will show "1Sxxxxxxxxxxxxx" with the last digits being serial number on the sticker.  In the case the serial number does start with 1S, then use that entire string in the console during the "add device" prompt asking for Machine Type, SN, admin pwd. The second items to confirm is the LTSM install was completed successfully.  

Marco_W1 On 2020-01-17, 12:15 PM

I have check this but I see the normal SN in cmd. WHat firewall ports have to be open ? Maybe Proxy a problem ?

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