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Can I get a 4TB HDD to work on Win 7 Pro 64 bit on the Marvell 64xx/63xx Raid Controller?


How can I get a 4 TB HDD working on Win 7 Pro 64 on the Marvell 64xx/63xx Raid Controller?

In the controller menu the HDD is correct with 3,8 TB, but in Windows i am not able to create a GPT Partition. When I use a different controller it works fine.


You will not be able to create a bootable partition larger than 2.2TB on D20.  This is because there is no UEFI support in BIOS, which is required in order to support GPT partitions. 


However, you can create a non-bootable partition larger than 2.2TB (such as a data array), but your bootable partition size can't exceed 2.2TB.  So if you have 4TB of space available, you can create a 2TB boot partition and then have another 2TB non-boot partition for use.

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pharlock On 2014-05-15, 23:31 PM

i just get an error when trying to create the gpt volume with the 4tb disk.

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