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D10 - Which processor heatsink P/N is best to use?



I have now purchased the second CPU for my D10 and now need to shop for a heatsink and wanted to some information on this. Looks like  P/N 41R5502 is replaced by 45K2261.  Looks like parts have stock of 41R5542 and was wondering if I would be able to mix the the coolers?


Or do I need to buy 2 x 41R5542?




It may be valuable to get two of the 41R5542 heatsinks so they match.   These seem to be much higher quality than the fansink assemblies.   Retail price is $40.50 USD each plus tax and shipping.


I have two of those heatsinks and mounted the fans on the backside of the fin/heatpipe arrays so they pull air through the fins and force air over the memory modules.   I found this dropped memory temps by up to 8°C and didn't increase processor temps at all.   sound was also lowered a bit since the fans are toward the back of the system.   Your heatsinks might come set up this way already.   If not, it's a simple change to make.



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