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Fansinks and Heatsinks for ThinkStation D10


Looking at two sets of parts - heatsinks and fansinks what would be the difference between:


45K2261 - FANSINK   - £21.98

41R5542 - HEAT SINK - £31.02


I'm after fan cooled cpu heat sink to replace a noisy Intel’s stock one which came in a box with second cpu.  Is the Heat Sink a better choice?






The fansink is an aluminum block of fins with an 80 x 25mm fan on the top.   your system most likely came with one of these.


The heatsink is a heat-pipe system with 100 x 15mm fans.


I own both of these FRU numbers and found the heatsinks to be slightly quieter than the fansinks if the heatsink fans are mounted backwards.  


Here's a photo of my D10 with the 41R5542 units and the fans mounted toward the back.  The fans pull air through the fins toward the back of the system.   Because the fins are in front of the fans, they act as acoustical barriers.




Normally these FRUs ship with the fans mounted to push air through the fins from the front.   if you switch them like i did, you have to reverse the fans so the AVC logo is pointing toward the back of the system.


The other benefit to this setup is that the fans now blow air directly onto the FBDIMMs and drop their temps about 5°C.   It's not much but every little bit helps.

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rameshrr3 On 2018-02-16, 19:27 PM

What is the FRU for the MEMORY fan shroud ? I dont have one in my TS D10  But have seen some others have a fan shroud for the RAM that widens out to the exhaust vent and tapers towards the RAM end.

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