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Installed OCZ on D20 but got "Expansion ROM not initialized" message


I installed a Revodrive3 OCZ on my D20.


At boot time I get an message error "Expansion ROM not initialized".

Then the machine boots but on the SATA primary disk, not the Revodrive.


If I go into the BIOS to disable SATA ROM check, then the error message disappears, The machine boots onto the Revodrive, but then all SATA drives ar not visible and not usable in Windows 7.


SATA seems to be disabled so the Operating System is not able to detect new devices.


You could have run out of ROM space as well.


If you're not using any of the blue SATA ports, then you could try to turn off the Marvell controller. 


Another option would be to disable PXE boot and see if that opens up some additional space for you.


You could also disable the 2nd LAN completely if you're not using it in an attempt to save space.

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