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What type of GPU cards can fit in the ThinkStation E31?


I own a ThinkStation E31 and was wondering how many GPUs can the E31 SFF workstation hold?  Is it possible to put 4 Quadro 600s in the machine? Base on what I can see there appears to be enough room, but can the machine's power supply provide enough voltage to everything?

And to add can this machine support the EVGA GT 640 GPU, or several of these cards?  This card is a fair bit cheaper than the Quadro 600, and is more powerful. 


The E31 SFF has one PCIe x16 and one PCIe x1 slot. Due to the slim chassis it can only accepts half-height cards.   You could fit a half-height Q600 and half-height NVS x1 card but that would be it.
Besides being untested and unsupported, the GT 640 is a full-height card and may nor bet able to fit inside the chassis.

Please View the E31 datasheet lists various dimensions and configs for the SFF chassis from the link below: http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/workstation/cleandesign/pdfs/resources/Datasheets/Lenovo_ThinkStation_E31_Datasheet.pdf

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BiggAl On 2018-01-23, 18:20 PM

Information above is dated.  A low-profile GT 1030 or GT 730 DDR5 would work. 

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