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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-09-2012
Location: Germany
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Accepted Solution

D10 Motherboard - is there any reset switch?



First, let me introduce here as a new "member". Normaly i suppose, the

support by Lenovo is very excellent but this time I'm a little confused, therefor

let me explain my problem:


I also bought a D10 motherboard from ebay and there are no problems

to install OS and additional hardware.

My only problem is - where is the pin-out for reset?

I found nothing at the item

      D10 Motherboard power switch jumper,

nothing in

      Hardware Maintenance Manual

and nothing at all.

Does anybody know wether there is a way to connect a reset switch and

if so, where?


best regards


Community Moderator
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Registered: ‎01-13-2008
Location: Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
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Re: D10 Motherboard - is there any reset switch?

Hello and welcome,


I searched up this thread.  Anything helpful there?


D10 Motherboard power switch jumper



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Location: NC

Re: D10 Motherboard - is there any reset switch?

That thread should gives the pinout for the front panel header.


If you're looking for a true 'reset' switch (i.e. not the power switch), such a thing doesn't exist on D10.  In fact, most boards haven't utilized a reset switch for years now.  If I remember correctly, there were some Microsoft related requirements that dictated that option be removed in order to obtain MS logo certification.


You are probably aware of this, but once you have the power switch connected, you can hold that button (i.e. close the connection) for 4-5 seconds to execute a hard off.  Then hit the power switch again to restart.

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-09-2012
Location: Germany
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Re: D10 Motherboard - is there any reset switch?

thanks for help,


I did not know that this was a proposual from microsoft.


best regards