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D20 fan issue after BIOS update to 61KT48A

by SuperMod on ‎06-29-2011 02:21 PM (435 Views)


Hello, well just having updated the BIOS from 61KT47A to 61KT48A the issue I'm having is that the fans, or at least the rear fan undearneath the power supply, are (is) running at top speed even though the CPU load is ~1%!  Worse even going back to 61KT46A (I need to look whether I've kept 61KT47A) does not change anything and so I re-flashed the BIOS to 61KT48A again.  I'd really be grateful for any idea what I'd do now.


Shut down the system, remove the power cable, and press the power button on the front until you hear the capacitors drain.   Wait a few minutes, then plug the cable back in and start your system.

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