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Fanfold Paper
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DVD Player Issue

P330 Tower / P27h-10 Monitor / Nvidia P2000 GPU / Slim DVD Burner / Power DVD Player

DisplyPort cable from GPU to monitor




Overall poor performance for comercial DVD movies with no dust, scratches or fingerprints:


  • Lots of spinning and clicking before playing a DVD.  If it plays at all. 
  • One movie that played had a considerable amount of shaking on screen and the resolution isn't great for a 27" screen.  There's some blockiness in the images.  It's a lot like the early days of computer video, 20 years ago, where people got excited to see an image move. 
  • One DVD spun and clicked for 10 minutes before I clicked Play anyway.  At that point it moved frame by frame with long pauses and seemed to hog system resources as it took quite a few seconds to respond to Stop and Eject commands.
  • Those DVDs loaded in a minute on my TV/DVD setup and played flawlessly.

Is it the DVD hardware, PowerDVD software, P2000 GPU, or all of them?


Videos on Youtube look great.  Even at full screen.  So I lean towards the DVD hardware and/or player software.


The P330/P27h system rocks otherwise.  The DVD experience isn't worthy of it at this point, but I'm hopeful. 


Please help . . . 





Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: DVD Player Issue

I'd suggest opening a ticket with service/support.  I agree it sounds like your slim ODD may be faulty.  I can't say I've looked at the slim ODD function specifically in a P330 yet, but it's not like that's groundbreaking technology at this point and it should be perfectly capable of basics like DVD playback.


You could try uninstalling/reinstalling the DVD software just to rule that out, but obviously make sure you have the installable package before you uninstall it.


But from what I'm reading, it sounds like service will need to be contacted for this one.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: DVD Player Issue

Thanks psuturtle -- I completely agree, but thought I'd put it out there for a day or so before submitting a ticket.


My system came preloaded and from the cloud.  Not one installation disc.  I was able to install last year's Turbotax from a disc, but my Nikon imaging software installation disc stalled and never loaded. 


I haven't personally seen a bad player in decades, but this is what it looked like when I did.


Thanks again!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: DVD Player Issue

Looks like my antivirus program was the problem.  I disabled that once it started scanning the discs and they all work now.


I was waiting for tech service to respond and I noticed a user manual download.  It suggested disabling any virus scanners.  There was no user manual provided in my box -- only setup and safety manuals.


I wouldn't recommend this system for watching DVDs.  Even though they play, an extremely fast action scene went to large blocky pixels.  You probably need a really good gaming system for high resolution through fast action.  I'll stick with bluerays on my TV.  I didn't buy a workstation for entertainment.  Just saying . . .

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