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Punch Card
Posts: 28
Registered: ‎12-13-2010
Location: Wisconsin
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E20 Xeon Temps?

[ Edited ]

I'm using an application called core temp to monitor my CPU temps and noticed that they get into the 80s during hard use with photo editing. Running Prime95 my CPU temp on the hottest core is about 83 degrees Celsius.  Idle temps are cool and usually between 34-36 degrees.  My CPU is a x3470 Xeon.


Does anyone have any numbers to compare?  I'm just curious if these are normal.  I know these x3400 series chips do run warm.






P.S.  Are there any thermal profiles available for this machine?

Token Ring
Posts: 57
Registered: ‎03-08-2010
Location: Detroit, MI
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Re: E20 Xeon Temps?

[ Edited ]

You may want to compare with the Lenevo ThinkVantage Toolbox utility just to make sure the thermal sensors are accurately represented by the core temp software. You can find the CPU tool under the diagnostics button, test a device, system, CPU and then select device information.  The ThinkVantage Toolbox is a great utility that offers outstanding testing abilities, I really like all of the advanced tabs. The reason I tell you to compare is that I have found on other systems that the core temp software is not always accurate. A good example of this is a repair I did on an Asus motherboard and the core temp software was not accurate when comparing to Asus's own utility called Asus Probe. With that being said the BIOS CPU temps matched the Probes temps so I knew it was correct. I have run comparisons on my S20 and the ThinkVantage and have found this to be the same as well.


In my opinion, I would check it in this manner (ThinkVantage Toolbox) while running your photo editing application, I am not convinced it is represented accurately (core temp).


In terms of thermal margins or temps, the gurus here can give you a better answer because of all the engineering involved when designing the cases, case fans, heatsink/fans, form factor, etc. They can also enlighten all of us on CPU thresh holds as they relate to your E20. 

Punch Card
Posts: 28
Registered: ‎12-13-2010
Location: Wisconsin
0 Kudos

Re: E20 Xeon Temps?

I installed the Lenovo Thinkvantage suite and verified that the temps were in fact what I was seeing in Core Temp.  Thanks for the suggestion though, jdeb.