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Paper Tape
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GTX 580/680 in Thinkstation S30

Has anybody run a GeForce GTX 580 or 680 in a Thinkstation S30?  The S30's 610 watt PSU meets Nvidia's minimum requirements for those cards. However, these GPUs take two power connectors, and the S30 has only one 6-pin power connector for the GPU.  It seems, then, that I would need to adapt one of the SATA power connectors for the GPU.  Any comments on whether or not this should work?

Lenovo Staff
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Re: GTX 580/680 in Thinkstation S30

I've actually been tooling around with a GTX580 on S30.  Obviously, my carte blanche answer is it's a GeForce card, and NV doesn't support GeForce in Workstation platforms and neither does Lenovo.  I can't attest to stability, and there are several other threads here that demonstrate some of the risk of using a card like this.


Now that that's out of the way, yes it it possible to run a GTX580 in a S30, however it's not easy.   There are dongles out there that will convert the single 6 pin of the PSU into the connectors you need, but the GTX580 will draw a ton of current, and it will be rather easy to over-current the rail and force a shutdown.  The same rail that supplies the aux graphics power also provides power to the HDDs and opticals.  The card by iteself when stressed is nearly enough to drive the rail to the OC limit.  There are other, much more involved, ways to get this card to work reliably, but I can't get into the details of that just yet.


The GTX680 is actually lower TDP than the 580 (195W vs 244W), so you will drastically reduce any risk of over-current using the 680.  I haven't actually tested this card out however.


The risk of overcurrent really depends on how hard you push the card.  For my stress testing, I was using EVGA's OCscannerX and was able to push the card near max with that pretty easily.  Obviously, real world mileage may vary. So all of this is at  your own risk.  The power supply will generally do what it needs to in order to protect itself from damage though.



For further updates of my work with the 580 and the S30 power supply, watch this space Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: GTX 580/680 in Thinkstation S30

What about Geforce GTX 460 or 470 cards?

They have the same dual 6-pin requirement.

The dongles that you refer to - it's basically a y-cable then?  taking 1 * 6-pin out from the PSU and then splitting off to 2 * 6-pin's?

Lenovo Staff
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Re: GTX 580/680 in Thinkstation S30

From what I know, the GTX470 had a TDP around 215W.  You should have enough power to convert the existing 6 pin PSU cable to the connections you need and not go overcurrent, however I would caveat that by saying it will depend on your HDD configuration.


The GTX460 comes in at 160W TDP, so it basically falls into the same bucket as the 470, but it will have more headroom in the OCP area and less dependancy on the HDD config.



Paper Tape
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Re: GTX 580/680 in Thinkstation S30

Sorry to hijack, but you seem to know your PSU/Video card stuff...



Thoughts on a S30 support the following card?


I've got it installed, have the additonal 6 pin power connected, I have removed the two extra hard drives I have installed, and so just leaving a single boot SSD and Optical and I am not getting video from ether DisplayPort or DVI-D

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