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P620 Think Station

2020-12-26, 4:00 AM

Hi All,


I am about to purchase a new computer for university. I will be using the computer for multitasking with software such as Matlab, Autocad, mictosoft excel, premiere pro and after effects. I will never be using it for gaming. I am considering two possible setups.


Option 1 - AMD Ryzen 5950X with a 3060 GPU and 32 Gb ram.


Option 2 - P620 ThinkStation with the 3945 threadripper Pro CPU and the Quadro 2200 32 GB ram. 


I need a system that is both powerful and dependable. 


Which system should I choose and why?


Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. 






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Re:P620 Think Station

2020-12-26, 17:10 PM

Option 1: might be a bit faster (better IPC, 4 more cores) but you would have to buy parts and assemlbe it yourself - these components won't be tested and validated to work properly together. The RTX 3060 Ti is faster and cheaper than a Quadro P2200 as well but does not come with drivers validated to work with AutoCAD.

From my experience it should work without any issues as well and with the Studio driver you will get at least some pro features like 10Bit color support for OpenGL.


Option 2: PROs: Tested and validated components, memory with ECC support, 3 years on site service.

But you could even order the P620 without a GPU and install a RTX 3060 Ti (or better) in it - in case you get one for a reasonable price.


Premiere Pro would benefit from the performance of the RTX 3060 Ti, AutoCAD might from validated drivers from the Quadro (probably only relevant if you open a support case)



I ordered a P620 myself for AutoCAD, Photoshop and Rendering, but I had to reuse my old Quadro card because I wasn't able to get a RTX 3060/3070 yet. Maybe a will get a RTX A4000 instead next year... depends on the price tag.



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Re:P620 Think Station

2020-12-28, 12:54 PM

Thanks for you interest in Lenovo!


As was already stated, the primary reason for purchasing a Lenovo brand computer is the knowledge that all of the parts have been heavily tested and validated to work together, and Lenovo warranties and supports all of these parts together. Adding in most non-supported parts, such as a video card, will not void the warranty, but Lenovo will not cover issues related to those parts. That said, most users adding in video cards into Lenovo ThinkStations do not experience any significant problems.

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P620 Think Station

2021-01-02, 5:16 AM
I just purchased a P620 with a 3995WX from Lenovo, as well as a 5950X workstation from Velocity Micro about a month before that. IMO, the 5950X could be a bit faster for general use based on PasskMark's single thread performance scores - the 5950X is towards the top of the heap. It also scores higher for multiple core applications. Another factor, which I'm finding out after the fact, is that there are no PCIe Gen4 drives certified for the P620. I'm not sure if that's a factor for you but it is for me. My Gen4 NVME drives work fine but an ASUS quad NVME adapter I'm using occasionally causes a reboot not to work. Conversely, plenty of other workstation builders such as Velocity Micro offer Gen4 NVME drives with their systems.

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Re:P620 Think Station

2021-01-03, 2:15 AM

I noticed at the time I purchased my p620 (late November 2020) they really only had workstation GPUs and PCIe gen 3 NVMe storage available. Regarding the NVMe options, it's just a classic chip race where some are technically available but there are not many workstation-grade gen 4 options available so of course, they don't want to offer unvetted options. With that said, it seems ridiculous to offer the Ferarri with Dunlop tires only. The GPUs are another story. With the GPU shortage, there are obvious reasons the RTX 3XXX and RX 6XXX aren't available but I highly doubt they'll offer the "consumer" cards with this build since they don't have ECC memory and whatever other "qualifications" the Quadro cards get.


On a similar, but separate note, I think Lenovo's BS marketing tactics are ridiculous in a way that everything is ALWAYS "on-sale" and that a promo code is always applied to your cart when viewing products online. As an example, I attempted a simple cost analysis to see how much additional cost the overall system would be if I was to add X amount of ram vs adding Y additional storage drives vs adding Z additional GPUs. There is no way in hell to understand this unless you write down every single option you need to compare and perform the calculations manually. Why? Because the "regular" and "discounted" (before promo code) pricing is super inflated. As an example, the most expensive GPU at the time was the Quadro 8000, which could be purchased new from several reputable authorized dealers between $4,500–5,500 USD. To configure this with the P620 (at the time I purchased it) they had the GPU alone at approximately an additional $10,000 "full price," and marked down to approximately $8,000 but a final promo cost of approximately $6k. **bleep**!? I reached out to their sales team to ask why I could purchase the GPU (above market value) for $5,999 on Lenovo's website as a stand-alone component (not with the P620) or have it added to this system for the "full price" before markdown of $10k...


Their response...

I'm sorry but I work in sales and this is something our marketing team handles. I can say that the value of getting this configured initially is it will be installed by a fully qualified technician.



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