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Punch Card
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Registered: ‎02-23-2009
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Accepted Solution

Part Number Request / Video/Expansion Card Support Tab

I'm looking for a part for a S20.  Bear with me... I have an S10 that came with a small plastic tab that I believe was designed to add a bit of support to a large video card mounted in it.  It's keyed for the black expansion card rentention mechanism and can be moved up and down on the mechanism.


Just got a new S20 and it didn't come with this piece.  Can I order it, what's the part number?  Thanks!

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Re: Part Number Request / Video/Expansion Card Support Tab

are you talking about this piece?




if so, there's no separate FRU # for just this retainer.   you'll have to order the entire miscellaneous parts kit.   for the S10 this is FRU 41R5493.   for the S20 this is FRU 41R5673.

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Re: Part Number Request / Video/Expansion Card Support Tab

These are generally used to secure the cards for shipping.

If your S20 didn't come with it, it doesn't need it according to our testing.