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Paper Tape
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Re: RAM Upgrade for S10

I apologize for reopening a long-buried issue but, after three months of debugging crash dumps, there is a pretty good chance that I located the source of my continuous SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION crashes.  It turns out that the memory sticks were healthy and probably had nothing to do with the continuous crashes (it just so happened that the the problem with the daily crashes surfaced at the same time as I upgraded the RAM). 


In reality the crashes were likely due to to a faulty mouse driver: pelmouse.sys.


Lenovo just posted an updated version of the mouse driver: v1mie17us17.exe.  It can be downloaded from


I downloaded and installed the new driver three weeks ago.  I also downloaded and installed VIsta SP2.  I have not experienced a BSOD since.  It may be too early to celebrate, and I don't want to be too optimistic, but those two installs seem to have done the trick. 


Thank you, Erik, and everyone else for your invaluable help.  

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Re: RAM Upgrade for S10

drrexx - glad to hear you finally found the root cause of your problem!   i marked your post above as the solution in case someone else has a similar issue.


enjoy your S10!

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Re: RAM Upgrade for S10

I know this is an old thread but I had ALOT of difficulty finding the correct RAM for my S10 until I followed the Crucial link you provided: many thx indeed.


Kingston seems to have discontinued this RAM configuration and I had a matched pair of Kingston sticks already; so I replaced the previous pair with 2 pairs of the Cricial and all is well - and I have a pair of modules for backup.


Really appreciate this forum, folks!

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