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Fanfold Paper
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S20 4105-ab9 card reader driver



All of a sudden my card wont read any cards, not even the light does not turn on when inserting a card, what is the driver for this ? i looked on cd supplied with the machine and i cant find anything related to card reader, its 5in1 or 4in1 ( it has 4 slots ) it was originally built in the pc whn i bought it years ago, i even seaarched here online on lenovo site and no card reader drivers, so please help, how and where can i get the driver, currently all 4 slots are treated by windows as external usb devices and as i said when i plug in any card nothing happens and in explorer it says insert a volume when i double clikc it.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: S20 4105-ab9 card reader driver

Which operating system are you using?

I don't recall there being any unique drivers for the card reader as it simply presents as a USB device which should be supported under the standard USB driver.  But I'll also fully admit that S20 was a long time ago and my memory on details of that product is getting a bit fuzzy.  


Some things to check:

- Ensure the USB connection at the motherboard is correct and that cable is not misplugged in any way.  It's keyed, but that doesn't prevent all possibly mis-plugs.


- Ensure the device is enabled in BIOS setup.  If there's not a specific option for enabling/disabling the card reader, then look for an option for controlling the specific USB port it's connected to.


- You can try reinstalling the chipset driver to see if that helps resolve the issue.  From what I remember, USB is controlled by the southbridge in that platform, so perhaps reinstalling the chipset driver will help.


- Check for excessive dust/dirt build up in the card reader.  A can of compressed air might help dislodge something if that's the problem, but note that it might also push said dust/debris to new areas.  So use caution with this.


Given that it seems like your OS is actually seeing the card reader and it's the card reader itself that's not recognizing media, the problem might just be with the card reader itself starting to fail.  If you had another system with an available USB pin header, that would be the best way to check that theory.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: S20 4105-ab9 card reader driver

quite  late  am I Smiley Happy it just started working after i put in the card for the 5th time, so i guess it was  just dusty

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