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S20 TopSeller -- Question

Thanks everyone who responded to my C20 question.  Thought I'd put this in 

another thread.


I want to preface this by saying I'm not all too tech savvy -- at least on the PC side.


So I find myself wonder, what if I were to pick up the cheapest S20 I could find

(off the shelf, top seller) -- and pick up a decent processor, ram & graphics card

from a place like newegg?


I figure if i pick a processor from the lenovo S20 configuration list, I should be good.


But is there anything I'm missing?  Curve balls like power supply isn't right or i've got

to make alot more modifications that just plugging stuff in?




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Re: S20 TopSeller -- Question

at the hardware level, there aren't any issues in doing that.   the main thing you'll lose is warranty support on most of the system since you'd be installing components not considered to be customer-replaceable under service terms.   the system planar (aka motherboard), power supply, case fans, and other small parts would still be covered given the list of parts you want to buy on your own.   processor, graphics card, and memory would in turn be covered by their respective manufacturers.


the benefit to core components being covered under lenovo's warranty is the fact that replacement parts will be overnighted to you and/or replaced on-site the next business day.   going through a manufacturer can take weeks if not months for replacements and most companies won't send new parts before receiving the defective ones.   if your environment needs 99.9% up-time then a factory warranty can be worthwhile.


i can't suggest which way to go because it's up to you in the end.   there's no doubt you can save a few bucks but there's a tradeoff in doing so.


food for thought.

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Punch Card
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Re: S20 TopSeller -- Question

I'd love nothing more than to get a customized, 3yr onsite warranty, flame-throwing workstation

from lenovo directly -- but delivery is out to 4+ weeks (based on their website and a call into sales).


what I'm trying to avoid with all of this is buying an underpowered machine just because of my

deadline (need it in a week).


But yes, you've given me something to think about.


Thanks again.

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Re: S20 TopSeller -- Question

There is one other consideration to make.  Though it only applies to specific circumstances, if you were to order an absolute low end system with the idea of buying parts to build it up, you would have to take into consideration parts that are "derived" specifically for the model ordered.


That's probably not worded very well, but consider CPUs.  You buy a low end system with an 80W Xeon.  You then decide hey, I'm going to bump this bad boy up to a 130W Xeon.  Sure the CPU is supported, but the fansink that came with your system is designed for the lower TDP CPU and will not cool a 130W CPU adequately. 


Similar situation exists for SAS drives in S20.  Order from Lenovo, and this config will come with an extra fan for cooling the higher speed drives.  Order SATA drives, and this fan isn't installed from the factory.


Fans, cables, drive bay adapters.....these are all essentially unique parts.  Not saying you can't do it, but you need to be very conscious of the system config when making certain changes.  I can certainly give you my feedback on your config if you want...just let me know.

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