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ThinkStation CPU Upgrade X5690 130W not supported on C20 only on C20x

by ‎03-26-2012 02:30 PM - edited ‎03-26-2012 02:32 PM (1,125 Views)



I just upgraded my CPU to 2 High-End Xeon X5690. I upgraded the fansink for the 130W CPUs. I updated the BIOS to the last Version. 61jy48


But after installing and a restart the C20 tells me that 130W CPUs are not supported.







130W CPUs are supported on C20x systems, but are not supported on regular C20 systems. 


The CPU VRs in C20 are designed to handle CPUs up to 95W TDP.


See related article for broader CPU upgrade / compatibility listings.

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