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I have a ThinkStation E31 configured with a NVidia Quadro 600. It appears that the integrated video ports (The VGA and DisplayPort) are disabled. I'd like to add a 3rd monitor to the PC. I have two connected to the Quadro, one via the DVI (DVI to VGA) and one via the DisplayPort.


I'd like to use the integrated VGA and/or DisplayPort; can they be enabled?


Follow the instructions below to enable both the integrated and discrete graphics.


  • To enter BIOS setup, press the F1 key when the Lenovo / ThinkStation logo is displayed when first powering on the system.
  • Select Devices on the first screen.
  • Select Video Setup on the second screen.
  • For Select Active Video, select IGD.
  • For Multi-Monitor Support, select Enabled.
  • Press the F10 key to save the changed selections and exit BIOS setup.

In Device Manager, there will be two Display Adapters, one for the Intel HD Graphics and one for the discrete graphics card. A device driver will need to be installed for each graphics adapter.

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The same instructions worked for my thinkcentre 92p with graphics card containing displayport (I had to get the accell active displayport to dvi cable), and DVI.   I use the VGA on the onboard graphics for my third monitor.   What is the best software or configuartion to use to let me switch back and forth between having monitors 1 and 2 be cloned and indpendent? 


I see all of the BIOS options and have set them, but this didn't work for me and I still only see the nVidia device in Device Manager.