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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkStation + Mercury Engine (entry level)

This is my first post, and I'm coming to this forum waiting for a real answer !


I'm a "multimedia designer" (you know: graphic, editorial, photo and video), with a limited ThinkCentre.

Looking for the next step in my workflow I'm considering to buy a new PC from Lenovo, a ThinkStation.


Well, I've only one goal: Buy a workstation optimized to run with Adobe's Mercury Engine at a low price. All I need is:


- A motherboard with 1333 Mhz (Front Side Bus) and compatible with NVIDIA CUDA

- 1x Xeon processor with 1333 Mhz RAM

- 1x GeForce GTX 285 (the less expensive graphic card compatible with Mercury Engine)


Then I found the E20 ThinkStation, but no information about the compatibility with CUDA or optimization for Mercury Engine.


Does anybody have tested it or know any review ??



Thanks in advance!

Lenovo Staff
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Re: ThinkStation + Mercury Engine (entry level)

Well, there's a bit of a conflict in your list of requirements.


For the most part, you're describing a workstation system, so you're looking in the right area.  The problem you're going to run into is that with Nvidia, and they only support workstation class cards on workstation platforms.  That boils down to GTX cards are not officially supported. 


The E20 is not going to support auxillary powered video cards either, so you really should be looking at the S20 class most likely.  If you're willing to move to a workstation class card (i.e. FX3800, FX4800, etc.), then the S20 might be your best bet.


Unfortunately, I don't really know anything about the Mercury Engine, so I can't speak to that compatibility.

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