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Paper Tape
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ThinkStation P900 Power Unit Clicking (Video)

My P900 has power Unit issues as I attached video. 

When I plug in power cord to P900,  Power unit start clicking sound from inside unit.

There is no error digit on the front panel, front panel as same blinking power button and 4 digit just brinking with "0000"

No boot up, Just keep clicking from power unit.

Please help... what is problem... 


Copy of P900---09.png



Lenovo Employee croooowe
Lenovo Employee
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Re: ThinkStation P900 Power Unit Clicking (Video)



To clarify, when the PSU is in the system and plugged in the light on the PSU (the light in the shape of a plug) blinks green, when it is removed from the system and plugged in the same light on the PSU is white?

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkStation P900 Power Unit Clicking (Video)


PSU pilot LED color was white color both of pulled out plug in power cord and installed in the system blinking.

I need to replace power unit? how can I inspect cause the problem..

when I plug in power cord to the system just immediately blinking with clicking sound, there is no boot sequence start.


Thank you. 


Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: ThinkStation P900 Power Unit Clicking (Video)

So the icon of the power plug should always be a white LED for P920...never green.  The two LEDs on the back of the power supply are diagnostic LEDs (green and amber) for the power supply itself.  


With the PSU installed in the system, what do the rear LEDs do when attempting to power on?  Since it sounds like the PSU itself is basically cycling, I'm going to guess that the green LED appears to be blinking on and off (though this is likely just from the cycling action of the PSU, as it's not really intended to blink).


Not that I think it's going to make much difference, but I would first try attaching AC power from another power circuit just to make sure it's not a power line issue.  Next I would try clearing CMOS by moving the clear CMOS jumper to the clear position and leave it that way for a few minutes with AC power removed.  Then move the clear CMOS jumper back to the normal position and see if it'll power up properly.


If none of those help, you might need to look at replacing the power supply and/or the motherboard.  I can't definitively tell from my end which component could be the root cause of the issue with the info provided so far.  



Out of curiosity, have any of the components been removed/changed within the system prior to this issue starting? 

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