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ThinkStation S20 max RAM Limit 12GB or 24GB?

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Started ‎09-26-2010 by
Modified ‎09-26-2010 by



I just ordered a Thinkstation S20 with Xeon W3503 CPU and Intel X58 chipset.


There are different maximum RAM values listed for this machine type (4157), 12 GB and 24 GB  (Some list 12GB, Lenovo 24GB) depending on which doccuments are consulted.  Which is correct?






The S20 support 6 DIMMs. In some older materials you can find 12GB listed because 4GB memory modules had not been certified yet. Now you can buy 4GB memory modules and therefore max memory is correctly noted as 24GB.

by Ivan_Panchev on ‎06-20-2015 05:06 PM - last edited on ‎06-20-2015 06:39 PM by Community Moderator

Hello guys, I am writing this post here because I couldn't figure out what type of RAM should I use in my machine for good results. I'm runnin a Lenovo Thinkstation S20 4157, processor w3520, motherboard  Intel® Tylersburg 36S, Intel® ICH10R, GPU Nvidia quadro fx4600, running 4 gigs of RAM and having 4 more available RAM slots.I would love to get some more detailed feedback so I can grasp the logic behind the choice of memory because I've got so many options and I feel kind of lost. The RAM slots are colored too, here is a picture


Link to picture/image


Mod comment: Over sized picture converted to link. Please see About-Posting-Pictures-In-The-Forums



by Community Moderator on ‎06-20-2015 06:48 PM

Hi Ivan,

     Take a look at this spec page, under Memory: