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Re: Thinkstation D10 in canada

I'm perplexed by your posts.   I certainly appreciate your interest in the products, and the forum members above have noted that you could purchase through direct sales and through business partners.   Product seems to be flowing into customer hands in Canada.
It is unfortuneate if the particular configuration you want is unavailable. 

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Re: Thinkstation D10 in canada

perplexed; i'm disgusted by how lenovo canada is with holding system upgrades from it's customers when ordering!
take a look at the  "" web site and then come back and say how perplexed you are about my posts;       i am hoping someone somewhere in lenovo will realize what the heck is going on here!
USA and canada are neighbors and yet i can't order from their web site and i can't upgrade the cpu, o/s, hdd; NOTHING    so please tell me how  "PERPLEXED" you are!
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Re: Thinkstation D10 in canada

I have to partially agree with hatelenovocanada,

The laptop configuring via website is good and is almost in standards with the US website.

But the desktop and thinkstation can't be configured. It's really is frustrating.

If you suggest buying through business partners and third party who always charge 20-30% more, what is the fun in having a lenovo canada website.

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Re: Thinkstation D10 in canada

You're not alone on this problem...even American customers can't get Thinkstations. Apparently Lenovo is now in the business of accepting orders and not delivering. I might cancel my order and just order an x3400 server from IBM. Its functionally the same as a D10 Thinkstation. IBM said they would even include installation and setup with my order.
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