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Thinkstation S10 will not boot or post after GPU upgrade -

by on ‎09-26-2010 06:14 PM (1,656 Views)


I am having a hard time getting this thinkstation S10 to boot with a new GPU. The pc runs just fine with the standard quadro fx 1700 in it. But as soon as I put my ati hd 5770 or nvidia gtx 460 in it won't post.


When I put the new cards in I get wierd beep codes. Sometime they are 4-2-3-3 then sometimes its 1 long and 2 short. It just shuts down and turns on and repeats but nothing comes up on the screen.


The specs are:


Thinkstation S10 6483

650w psu

3.ghz core 2 duo

4gb of ddr3 pc8500 ECC.

750gb hdd. 




Unfortunately, the short answer is that those cards aren't supported.


The officially-supported workstation graphics cards in the S10 include:


- quadro NVS290

- quadro FX370

- quadro FX570

- quadro FX1700

- quadro FX4600

- tesla C870


Desktop or gaming cards aren't supported.    


Some users have reported success with an ATI 4870  in their S10, but noted that the ATI 5xxx doesn't work.



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