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Punch Card
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Registered: ‎10-11-2009
Location: Mississippi
Accepted Solution

Thinkstation Virtualization


I recently read this article, and I was very intriuged by the use of the system's 4 graphics cards for remote design and computing.  Two questions:

1. Does Lenovo have any plans for a rack mounted thinkstation like this (other than the C30 I suppose).

2. Does Lenovo support these virtualization packages like Citrix.  If so, does anyone know how they work?


Posts: 218
Registered: ‎06-05-2011
Location: Indiana, USA

Re: Thinkstation Virtualization

Lenovo had/has a rail system to rackmount the C-series and also the D-series.  I found a part #57Y4482, but that was not from Lenovo's website.  If the S-series has the same height (which I believe it does), it should be rack-mountable also.


I think a home rackmount setup with a Thinkstation or two would be tops.



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Registered: ‎02-22-2010
Location: NC

Re: Thinkstation Virtualization

C-series and D-series are rack mountable with the correct rail mount kits.  S-series is not rack mountable as it's slightly shorter than the others.


As for the virtualization part of it, nothing is officially supported at this time.  The remote workstation is really a niche market right now, but it is growing.  Each implementation has it's own issues, particularly with performance/latency.